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This powerful air-vacuum excavation system gives you the power to daylight like never before with high-velocity, supersonic air that explodes the soil from within for easy vacuuming and yet will not damage any underground utility. Holes may be advanced up to 200’ away from the vacuum truck.  Environmental sampling is easily accomplished but way of a side sampler.  Spoil may be either placed back down the borehole and compacted or drummed as a dry solid (no need to manifest as a liquid). Having to daylight under concrete or asphalt? No problem, just use the diamond concrete saw which is included.


Vacmaster Tooling

  • Diamond Asphalt/Concrete Saw

  • Pneumatic Tamper to Backfill BH's

  • Drum Interceptor

  • 50’ Vacuum/Pressure Line

  • Additional Hose Upon Request (up to 200’)

  • Hot or Cold Pressure Washer (Winter/Summer)


Vacmaster Safety

  • Emergency shutdown system if the high-pressure line fails

  • Gate Valves vs Ball Valves to eliminate the accidental opening of the valve

  • Radio remote button able to shut down the system if required

  • Additional noise reducing muffler


Vacmaster Specifications

  • Height (Driving): 3.30 m

  • Width: 2.95 m

  • Length: 8.33 m

  • Weight: 10 000 kg

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